Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum

Om – Generosity; which purifies the Pride & Ego which exists in the realm of the Deva, an invisible non-human being who are more powerful or more blissful than humans.

Ma – Ethics; which purifies the feeling of Jealous & Lust which exists in the realm of the Asuras, the lowest ranks of the deities or demigods of the Kāmadhātu.

Ni – Patience; which purifies Passion & Desire which exists in the realm of human beings. It is in our capacity as a humans to attain enlightenment.

Pad – Diligence; which purifies Ignorance & Prejudice which exists in the realm of animals, who can also feel suffering.

Me – Renunciation; which purifies Prejudice & Possessiveness which exists in the realm of the Pretas, also known as “Hungry ghosts

Hum – Wisdom; which purifies Aggression & Hatred which exists in the realm of Naraka, the purgatory of the Buddhism.

The above is a prayer which is heard and written all over Tibet.  While it’s meaning is deep, it’s rooted in compassion towards all sentient beings.  My visit to Tibet has shown me that even in the face of cultural destruction, the Tibetan people still maintain compassion for others.  The people here are genuine with an untouched hospitality and contagious smile.  Tibet has been my dream for years and though I may have already seen it, I still dream of going back.  I hope that Tibet will maintain it’s spirit and I echo back the prayer so that they find their peace among the chaos of the world.

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