What it is.

I am a creative designer based in Southern California.  I enjoy coming up with ideas and putting in the work to make them happen in the real world. Most of my inspiration comes from robots drinking coffee, monkeys meditating in the forest, and octopi eating pie while calculating pi.

What it do.

I spend most of my time working at my day job (professional self), but I believe a good side-hustle keeps my skills fresh. I’m really awesome at planning / organizing, capturing / documenting the moment creatively, and basically  jammin’ on all kinds of mediums.

What it shall be.

I’m constantly learning, growing, and asking big questions.  Right now I’m playing around with 360/VR content creation, 3D Design / Printing, building/tinkering with drones, and making beats to freestyle to.  I’m always looking to collab on projects that allow me to level up!



My name is monk33_
+ I like creating all kinds of stuff.

Drone Building / Piloting0%
360 / VR stuff0%
Branding + Identity stuff0%
Creative Development stuff0%
Photo / Video stuff0%
Editing / Publishing stuff0%
Design / Making stuff0%