What it is.

I am a human being born on the west but livin’ in the east and digitally integrated into the interwebs. ย I enjoy coming up with ideas and putting in the work to make them happen in the real world. Most of my inspiration comes from robots drinking coffee, monkeys meditating in the forest, and octopi eating pie while calculating pi.ย  I’ve been around the globe and traveled through multiple dimensions to find myself where I’ve always been – here and now.

What it do.

In my waking life, I develop innovative educational initiatives (professional self) ย but I believe a good side-hustle keeps my skills fresh. I’m really awesome at planning + organizing, documenting + sharing the moment creatively, and basically freestyling across various mediums. When the time is right, the wifey and I plan on opening up a “pay-what-you-can” cafe that brings people together over shared food and good music while making an impact on the community.

What it shall be.

I’m constantly learning to keep the brain synapses firing, growing to be a better person, and asking big questions that send me on a journey towards both discovery and madness. ย Right now I’m building / piloting FPV drones, 3D designing / printing, creating 360/VR content, spending quality time gaming with the wifey, and always love a good beat production session. The exploration of what’s possible in a world of uncertainty is what makes living on this planet fun.



My name is monk33_
+ I like creating all kinds of stuff.

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