SOUL MIND VIBE​ x The Heart of Delight​

Infinite gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations that contributed towards building a bridge between our conscious organic collective + those that are most in need. This was truly the most diverse community we’ve co:created throughout the lifetime of our project. Thank you for your time, presence, and spirits >>

Civic Center Roundtable​
Union Rescue Mission​ : Rev. Andy Bales​
East End Kitchens​
Animal Assistance League of Orange County​
The Solace Foundation of Orange County​
OC Food Access Coalition​
The Harvest Club of Orange County​
Radical Botanicals aka RadBot​
Lotus Culture​
Morningstar Moon​
Wrapped Matter​
Faces of Santa Ana​
The Fallen Stars​
Amusement Park​
Tustin Bodywork Bistro​

and special thanks to those that financially supported the movement / Ian Daelucian​ + Jessica Moon​

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